Why Must We Suffer?

Posted on: 27 January 2021

Life is hard. There are so many things that can go wrong each day, and even more if you factor in other people's mistakes. However, if you have Christian beliefs you may be able to find some solace. There are many Christian beliefs on why suffering is essential in the world, some of which may help you to find going through your trials a little bit easier. Here are a few Christian beliefs on suffering which hopefully will help you with whatever challenge you are going through:

There Is a Plan

It can be helpful to know that God has a plan. Many people often hear that, but sometimes it can be hard to believe that going through all of life's challenges can be a part of something larger. Why would He put people through hard experiences? While it may not always be felt, God's hand does guide His children. Looking back on other hard times can bring His guiding hand to light. What may feel like an end of some sort may actually be an unexpected turning point. Whenever you have a have time understanding things you are currently going through, look back and see God's interventions. 

Jesus Christ Offers Comfort

Fortunately, God's people are not alone in this life. There is someone who understands who knows what everyone is going through, and what they have gone through. Many Christians believe that Jesus Christ has felt everything that they have felt, and truly understands when no one else does. Knowing that someone loves you and has felt what you feel can help to ease most burdens. Additionally, if Jesus had to go through so much in His own life, it can help Christians know that they are not being punished for making mistakes, since He made none.  

A Refiners Fire

The Bible talks about 'A Refiner's Fire' more than once as a means of showing that hard things happen occasionally in order to make Christians better people. When a refiner is making silver, they have to put it through an extremely hot fire to burn out all of the impurities. Sometimes people are called to walk through what feels like a hot fire in order to learn something or to improve in some way. 

IIf you are interested in learning more about Christian beliefs on suffering in the world, you can talk to a Christian clergy member at a church near you to find out more.