Signs Of A Family Friendly Church

Posted on: 6 August 2020

For many families, attending weekly church services and becoming part of a church community is very important. Thus, when a family moves to a new area, finding a new church is often a priority. When kids are involved, most people want to attend a family friendly church that has something for everyone of all ages. If your family is in need of a new church after a move, it is a good idea to take your time and explore your options to help ensure that you find a church where you feel comfortable and welcomed. Some signs that a church is family friendly include:

Sunday School Services

When you begin looking at churches in your area after a move, it is always a good idea to focus on those that offer Sunday school, When a church has a well-developed Sunday school program, it is a good sign that they are very family-friendly and welcome children into the congregation. If the church that you are interested in is large, ask if they have multiple Sunday school classes separated by age groups. Having Sunday school classes separated by age groups makes it easier to ensure that the content offered is engaging.

Community Events

During your search for a family friendly church, visit church web sites and look at their community calendar. The types of activities being offered can provide a lot of insight into whether a church is family friendly or if it is mostly an older congregation made up of adults. Family friendly churches often organize community events that focus on the family and include fun activities for children. These activities can include fall festivals, Christmas pageants, plays, picnics, family nights, and community dinners. Look for a church that offers a wide variety of community events and activities that appeal to you and the members of your family.

A Building Designed for Children

A family friendly church typically designs its building with children in mind. When touring churches that you're interested in, pay close attention to see if your children would do well there. Some things to look for include child-size drinking fountains, changing stations in the rest rooms, family rooms with live streaming where parents can comfort crying babies or upset toddlers, and child-size furniture. As a parent, you're sure to be able to determine whether a church is family friendly or not after touring the building and meeting with church officials.