Considering a College Prep School Instead of Public High School? Why It's Worth the Investment

Posted on: 20 November 2019

If the decision to pay for a college prep school or send your child to a public high school is weighing on your mind, but your child is academic driven and wants to get into a top school, there are important things to factor into your decision. Going to a college prep school can help your child achieve all of their academic goals, and can help them prep to do well in college when they get here. Here are some of the reasons to send your kids to a college prep high school. 

You Are Investing in Your Child's Education

When you invest in a college prep high school, you are investing in your child's education.  Private schools aren't funded off money from the state and taxes, so they can pay to hire the best teachers, and have the best resources for your child. Common benefits of private education include:

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Diversity of course options
  • Traditions and values implemented daily
  • Wide variety of extracurricular activities

Investing in a school that is designed to prepare the student for college success, helps to protect your investment when they get to college.

Your Student Will Have Peers with Similar Interests

Sending your child to a prep school means sending them with other families that are serious about investing in their child's education, and it puts your kids with others that want to do well. This means fewer distractions and concerns with kids that don't want to be at school, or that are only there because they are forced.

The Statistics are In Your Favor

The graduation rates, average GPA and test scores are higher at a college prep school than the average of those at public schools. This is because all of the students are being prepared with the highest level of education to be prepared for the next chapter, and to get into college.

If these points mentioned above are important to you, then it may be time to tour some of the college prep high schools in your area. Go over the entrance exams and how to prep for them properly, and then the tuition rates of the different prep schools in your area. Your child may feel instantly connected to one of the schools after going through a tour and shadowing for a day. Ask them about what they want from their education to help you narrow down your choices.