Tips for Using Akashic Records

Posted on: 31 August 2016

Akashic records are your soul's records for everything that you have experienced. People who believe in Akashic records also believe that the soul has gone through multiple lifetimes, so the Akashic records contain more than one lifetime's worth of experiences. Some believe that Akashic records can be read and used to help people resolve their suffering. There are people who specialize in Akashic records that will send yours to you if you order them on the Internet. Here are some of the information you will receive if you should choose to order them.

1. Your Issue to Work On

According to those who believe in Akashic records, every lifetime is assigned an issue that needs to be worked on. This issue could be anger problems, difficulty accepting yourself, or another struggle that you must overcome. It is helpful for some people to know what this issue is because it will help them consciously focus on it and therefore make the most out of their time in this particular version of their life.

The issue is also supported by a belief that is fueling it. You need to work on changing this particular belief in order to resolve the issue. For example, if your issue is low self-confidence, your core belief could be that you are not worthy of love. This belief is usually surrounded by some sort of fear that keeps you believing such a core belief.

2. Your Personality Structure

Another thing that is in your Akashic records is your personality structure. This structure is essentially a list of traits that have to do with how you gain energy from the world around you, how you spend your energy, and other information that is traditionally associated with personality tests. Knowing about your personality is helpful because it will allow you to consciously make decisions that are in line with your personality, allowing you to be much more effective.

3. Explanations of Personality Traits

Finally, you will receive a list of experiences that caused you to adopt certain personality traits. Knowing this information will help you directly combat any personality traits that you do not like or are causing you harm. This will allow you to more easily work on yourself and move past your issues.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in providing Akashic records, such as Akashic Readings by Susan, LLC. They will be able to deliver them in a timely manner and explain your results.