Move Over Social Media: Four Personal Ways To Promote Your Women's Bible Study Group

Posted on: 7 June 2016

Does your church have a women's bible study group that never seems to consist of more than the same few ladies? If so, your church isn't alone. Ask any women's bible study leader what one of their greatest challenges is, and they will likely mention getting women to attend their study groups.

A bible study group is often promoted through social media or on the church website. However, social media isn't for everyone, and not everyone checks the church website. Reaching out to people individually makes the invitation to join your women's bible study group warm and personal. It's a welcoming change when compared to social media invitations, which can feel impersonal.

Make your own special invitations

In a world that's in love with social media, receiving a personal invitation in the mail is surprising to most people. Making your own invitations is also a good way to get members of your bible study group or the entire church involved. Turn your invitation making into a time of fellowship. Organize a committee of volunteers to address invitations. Ask someone to bring snacks to serve with tea and coffee. And don't forget the chocolate.

Use pretty stationery for the invitations, and decorate them with stickers. Include what you are planning to study in upcoming sessions. Personal invitations make people feel special, and most women will be delighted to find them in their mailbox.

Replace text messages with phone calls 

Text messages may be convenient, but they aren't very personal. Connect with the ladies who may be interested in joining your bible study through a personal phone call. Enlist the help of volunteers to make the calls. Encourage your volunteers to call relatives, neighbors, and co-workers.

Keep all calls brief, and never be pushy. A simple conversation letting the women know you would enjoy having them attend your bible study is all that is necessary. Let them know the time and place. Be prepared to answer any questions they may have.

Connect with a personal email message

An email is nearly as personal as a phone call. In the initial email, ask permission to send weekly updates regarding what topic will be covered at the bible study each week and other key information you may want to share. Include an encouraging verse of scripture in each week's email. You can also ask each email recipient to reply with any prayer requests they may have.

Even those who can't attend the study at this time may decide to attend later because of the interesting things they are hearing about in the weekly email. Do be consistent once you begin a weekly email update, and always address the recipient by her first name.

Preprinted invitations

Preprinted invitations are good for reaching people you don't come in contact with very often. Keep the invitations simple. State the name of the bible study group, the time it takes place, and the location. Don't forget to include contact information for the leaders or the church. Do not include what you are studying, since the study topic will change from the time you have the invitations printed.

Give a stack of the preprinted invitations to all of the ladies in your bible study group. Encourage them to keep a few in their purse to hand out when the opportunity to connect with another woman arises.

Getting the word out about your women's bible study group may be more effective when you reach out to women in a personal way.  With a little creativity and time, you can use personal methods to reach perspective attendees. It's a great way for you to make new friends and encourage others to join your bible study group. For more information, contact a church like the Church of Christ.